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Welcome to Tupelo Honey Designs

Your provider for beautiful, re-vamped antique home decor, collectibles, and furniture! 

About Us

Making the discarded and unloved beautiful again!

We are a small business located in Colleyville, TX. 

Our work is aimed at revitalizing damaged furniture. These antique pieces are revitalized with a new dimensional quality and unique style. It is completely hand-painted with the rich and textural colors provided by Dixie Bell Mineral Paint, which preserves the furniture’s original antiquity. These statement pieces will give your space a beautiful addition that will personalize your home collection. 

Please visit the Dixie Belle Paint shop to start painting your own beautiful furniture!


Dixie Belle Paint

I am a Premier Retailer for Dixie Belle Paint.

I carry the full line of Dixie Belle Paint

Dixie Belle Is made in the U.S.A.  A high quality Chalk Mineral Paint containing NO VOC's

To see all of Dixie Belles products go to my affiliate link at Shop Now 

Stamping and Fauxy Rollers

Make any wall or furniture piece unique with these fun rollers.  

Visit Artistic Painting Studio on YouTube for tutorials

To see the products Artistic Painting studio has to offer go to my affiliate link at Shop Now

Paint Pixie Brushes

Paint Pixie Brushes are high quality brushes made in Italy  

4 sizes to choose from

1 3/4 Oval

1 1/4 Oval

French Tip

Round Wax Brush


Looking for a beautifully designed antique to add to your home? Come visit our booth! We are located in the DFW area and offer home decor and furniture in Colleyville.

Vintage Antique Mall

4701 Colleyville Blvd STE 200 Colleyville, TX 76034





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